Nonviolence Advice to Demonstrators

by the London Committee of 100

The London Committee of 100 is a body formed to organise mass nonviolent resistance, including civil disobedience, to nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. This is a nonviolent demonstration. If you feel that you are not capable of remaining nonviolent in the circumstances of the demonstration, we would ask you not to take part. If at any time during the demonstration you feel that you are going to become violent, we would suggest that you leave the demonstration, at least for the time being.


(1) Under no circumstances offer physical violence to any person at the demonstration, even if you are attacked. This is difficult, but the consequences could mean the failure of the demonstration. Endeavour to maintain composure and goodwill in the face of provocation.

Read the pdf of the complete article here: Nonviolence Advice to Demonstrators

Reference: IISG/National Committee of 100: London Committee Archive, Box 17. We are grateful to IISG for their assistance and permission.

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