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PURPOSE: Our web site endeavors to create an Archive of Record of significant texts on the history, theory, and practice of nonviolence. While we mainly represent a Gandhian perspective, we recognize that nonviolence is a living, dynamic concept that reshapes and reinterprets itself from age to age and culture to culture. Nonviolence is responsive to needs, and needs affect form. For further elaboration of our goals, please consult the “Purpose” statements at the beginning of each section page.

We welcome your input and contributions. Please see our Submission Guidelines below.

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In Memoriam

Suzanne Duarte (1944-2015): Natural World Editor; teacher, writer, founder & editor Dharmagaians

Richard Lannoy (1928-2016): India Editor; writer & photographer (UK)

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for well-written articles on the history, theory, and practice of nonviolence.

Please e-mail a full description of what you wish to submit, and a sample first page of text.

Articles should be sent as  .doc or .rtf documents. Scholarly articles must be fully documented with endnotes. All submissions must conform to US and international copyright law. Authors are responsible for permissions. Our articles strictly adhere to style guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style (American English) or the Oxford Manual of Style (British English), and to the usage guidelines of Fowler’s Modern English Usage. Submissions may be e-mailed as attachment files or sent by regular mail. Our mailing address is provided by request.

Graphic material including original photographs, prints, and other artwork on the theme of peace or nonviolence are welcomed. Please enquire first and provide a description or a url where samples of work might be seen.

Images may also be sent by e-mail as attachment files. Please keep files to c. 72 dpi in jpg format (photographs) or png format (non-photographic line art).

Articles or artwork submitted by regular mail should be a copy, as we cannot guarantee return.


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“When planted in the garden, the mustard seed, smallest of all the seeds, became a large tree, and birds came and made their home there.” Luke 13:19

“For me whatever is in the atoms and molecules is in the universe. I believe in the saying that what is in the microcosm of one’s self is reflected in the macrocosm.” M. Gandhi